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Half Frame Reading Glasses

Half Frame Reading Glasses

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Half Frame Reading Glasses – a stylish and practical accessory that combines the classic elegance of reading glasses with a modern half-frame design. Whether you're tackling a good book, working on your computer, or indulging in close-up tasks, these glasses offer both clarity and a touch of contemporary flair.

Key Characteristics:

  • Half Frame Design: Embrace a modern and sleek look with the half-frame design that balances functionality with fashion. The half-frame style allows for a clear field of vision while adding a contemporary edge to the classic reading glasses silhouette.
  • Size: Lens Height: 44mm / Lens Width: 53mm
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, these reading glasses are designed for longevity. The sturdy frame ensures that your eyewear withstands daily use while maintaining its stylish and functional appeal.


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