Everything you need to know about the Urban Culture

Everything you need to know about the Urban Culture

You can see a rich urban culture in the United States as of now. This was heavily impacted by the Civil War and years of industrial expansion that took place in the past few decades. In fact, most of the city areas in the country have become urban. The cities are not just growing in terms of population, but also with a unique culture of their own.

Urban Culture nowadays 

Urban culture that we can see in the country as of now was heavily impacted by mass immigration that took place during the past couple of decades. They could blend with the natives and give life to a unique culture. In the meantime, we can see how urbanization and industrialization have created a major impact on the way how people are living their day to day lives as of now.

Urban Culture New York

When you take a look at the statistics from 1870, you will figure out that there were only two urban cities in the country, or cities with a population of over 500,000. However, it expanded up to six by 1900.Along with time. This created an ideal environment for the growth of a unique urban culture.

Urban Culture nowadays in the United States

The urban culture that you can see in the United States is pretty much similar to contemporary African American culture. Before 20th Century, African American population were living in the rural areas. That’s mainly because of the large number of African Americans who came into the country back in the day. It was the way how people who lived in the USA got their labor shortage related problems addressed. After the Second World War, they started moving to the cities of the country. Along with that, they could contribute towards the urban culture as well.

Urban culture has been able to transform the lives of people who are living in the USA as of now. For example, people who are living in urban areas have different views on the political issues and social issues when compared to people who come from rural areas. However, this difference would not be countable when partisanship is taken into consideration.

Urban Culture in New York

For example, people who are living in the urban areas are accepting abortion, whereas people in rural areas are not. On the other hand, people who live in the urban areas believe that the government should play an active role in helping people to solve problems in the economic system as of now. Most of the urban adults are lean Democratic or Democrats. On the other hand, people who are living in rural areas are more republican. This is a clear example available to show how the urban culture has created a major impact on the lives of people in the USA as of now.

Even if you take partisanship into consideration, you will be able to see some common differences in between people who are living with the urban culture and others. For example, people who live in rural area believe that same sex marriage would create a negative impact on the society. However, they are more likely to express their positive favor for the previous Republican President to rule the country. On the other hand, Democrats who live in the urban areas believe that immigrants are in a position to contribute positively towards the economic developments of the country. Hence, they are actively supporting all the immigrants who come in.

While keeping these differences in mind, it is possible to get a better understanding on how urban culture has evolved along with time and the nature of impact that it can create on the lives of people in future.

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